Album review by zZounds Music News

The reviewers at zZounds Music News had this to say about our new record:

Armed with a tight-knit musicality and a broad lyrical range, NY quintet Wormburner takes an innovative approach to the well-worn genre of narrative-heavy rock. Frontman Steve Henry has a rare voice, reminiscent of John Darnielle, Hutch Harris, and other confessional, impassioned singers. However, rather than oversell the vocal, listeners can detect a hint of a smirk in the delivery – on tunes like “Peekskill”, the generally grim lyric comes off like dark humor from a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Their most recent record, “Placed By The Gideons”, provides ample evidence of the songcraft at work. The album hits all the bases, with melodies that seem to appear only on repeat listens and a quietly stated cleverness reminiscent of Camper Van Beethoven (whose lead singer, David Lowery, produced Wormburner’s debut LP – small world!)

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