Pleasant Living in Planned Communities

In late September, we will release our third LP . Titled “Pleasant Living in Planned Communities”, this album’s cast of desperate characters includes a downed airman in WWII Europe, a 21st Century soldier returning home from battle, and a transient gay hustler whose youthful looks are weathering with age.

Recorded in too many locations to name here, “Pleasant Living in Planned Communities” bristles with a heightened urgency not captured on previous Wormburner recordings. Yet somehow this album goes down smoother, the executions tighter, and the performances elevated courtesy of guest appearances by ace guitarists Sean Eden (Luna) and Paul Carbonara (Blondie).

To celebrate this milestone, we will play a record release show on Friday 9/26 at New York City’s beloved Mercury Lounge. Tickets are already on sale. See you there!

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